Protect Your Credit Score with Payday Loan Online Fast

With our payday loans and cash advances, no credit checks are required.  This means direct lenders typically do not require “hard” credit inquiries that may immediately lower your score.  In many instances, this helps maintain your FICO score while still getting you the quick cash loan you need.

Every time you apply for a typical loan (not a payday loan, installment loan, or cash advance) your FICO score may go down a few credit points.

When in a tight credit crunch, consumers are turning to no credit check payday loans to help prevent being late with traditional loan payments. Late payments can turn into negative marks on your credit report, while on-time payments preserve your credit rating.

Filling out a secure application for a personal, installment or payday loan application at Payday Loan Online will not harm your credit.  In fact, we do not run any credit checks, so there is no inquiry on your credit report.