Payday loans and cash advances can be used for pretty much anything you want. When you go to get a loan or advancement, they don’t (at least not usually) ask you what you will be spending the money on. They don’t care what you need the money for; they are there to provide you the loan or advancement and that’s it. As long as you pay it back on time, on the due date which is your next pay date, then they are satisfied. So, what are some of the things to use a payday loan for?

Rent and other bills

Although it’s not a good idea to get into a habit of constantly borrowing money to pay bills, payday loans and cash advancements are a great resource if you find yourself short for rent, power, cable or other bills that suddenly end up due all at once and your paycheck doesn’t cover them all in time. Anything can happen or come up that makes it difficult to pay all of the bills that are due at the first of the month and a payday loan or cash advancement can help relieve some of that stress. Keep in mind, though, that the money you borrow is a loan and will be due on your next pay check.

Hospital or doctor visits

If you have to go to the hospital and don’t have insurance, or your co-payment is too much for you to afford all at once, a payday loan can help you pay for these expenses. Cash advancements are also good if you have a prescription you need to get filled and just don’t have the extra funds available at the time. This way you can get your prescriptions and medical assistance when you need it instead of having to wait until your next paycheck.

Gifts and presents

Christmas or a birthday suddenly comes up and you find yourself a little short, but still have some shopping to do. Shop around first to find out what you want to get and how much it will cost so that you know how much you will need to borrow.

Work clothes

So, you got a promotion or a new job and your current work wardrobe doesn’t meet the new dress code. Payday loans can help you get some clothes to get you through a couple of weeks so that you will look and feel as professional and comfortable as you want while you earn that extra money with the new job or promotion.

Special events

Suddenly your aunt and uncle that you haven’t seen in years announce that they will be coming to your area and wish to stay and visit with you. Although you’re making it financially with your jobs, you still weren’t prepared for this little unexpected pleasant visit and want to make sure you have enough food and entertainment lined up so that you can have the best visit ever. A payday loan or cash advancement will come in hand for that and allow you to stock that refrigerator and those cupboards as well as giving you some money to go out to eat and other entertainment while your family visits.

Just because

This area covers everything from wanting a new pair of shoes to paying bills. Sometimes we just want or need a little extra money until our next payday and this is how we can do it. Payday loans are meant to help you get from one payday to the next, because we can’t always make it on what we have. They are a great way to help during hard times or for ‘just because’ situations.